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The Underground Playbook For Growing Your Company Online...
They Laughed When I Said I'd Make Lasting Diet (and Overall Life) Changes with Minimal Effort-- But When I Made Small Changes Everyday and Saw the Results
They Begged Me For My Secrets!
Uncover The Secrets That I've Learned Over The Years In China & USA...
(Watch The Video To Find Out How...)
On SALE Now $27 (value $67) 
Plus 4 Free Bonus NO Needle Acupuncture Chapters
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Rebooting your health is intimating to most people. As we make right choices each day, habits are formed and great health is achieved. My book lays out the blueprints to tip the scales in your favor. 

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*Disclaimer The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The book and products are not intended to diagnose prevent treat or cure any disease. If you are under medical supervision for any allergy, disease, taking prescription medications or you are breastfeeding contact your medical provider before adding any new exercise or supplements to your daily regimen. Results are not guaranteed or typical. All results are based on your own efforts. You agree that our company is not responsible for the success or failure of your success relating to any information presented by our company, or our company products or services. All sales are final. No refunds will be given on any products or services unless explicitly stated otherwise
On SALE Now $27 (value $67) 
Bonus: Four Chapters of Needleless Acupuncture FREE 
Bonus 2: First 10 people get 1 Hour Coaching Call (Value $297)
Stop the YOYO Diet, quit nerve pain, quit Quiting Exercise Routines that could stop back pain, Quit going in debt more each month... 
Learn how to quit all these things.
If All This Book Did Was The Following... Would It BE WORTH IT?
"I got out of DEBT and Learned how to Spend Correctly."
"Never thought I would go 6 months straight with no back pain, those exercises are amazing." 
"...The Stretches for NERVE PAIN worked. I can type and play sports AGAIN."
"Food plate choices, where to eat: I completely changed the quantity of food I eat." 
"I Finally Understood How Many Calories I ate because of the 5 Formulas you Walked Me through..."
"All those SECRETS from China were Eye Opening, I try to do them several times a week." 
"I took my family on a vacation just by calling some of the companies and following your advice: like on insurance..."
"No Guilt or Shame When I started cardio and nearly quit in 4 minutes. Slow Small Steps was Brilliant." 
Between 11+ Years As A Chiropractor with 4 Years In China, Well, Watch The Video Above To See What I Learned...
"All The Passions Of My Life In One Book: Health Tips, Doable Exercise, Better Food Choices, Basics of Finance and Budgeting Plus
Soo Many Tips and Hacks From Clinical Practice in China and USA..."
On SALE Now $27 (value $67) 
Now with 2 Bonuses: 4 Free Chapters of No Needle Acupuncture and
1 Hour Coaching Call (value $297) to the first 10 purchasers
Inside Of Today's Choices Tomorrow's Health Book, These Are Just A FEW Of The Golden Nuggets You'll Get When This Shows Up...
  • Chapter 4  "Does Pain Have Any Redeeming Benefits?"
  • Chapter 8 “Are You Minimizing What Ill Health Is Doing To Your Health Long Term?" 
  • Chapter 9 “Can Your Body Heal Itself?”
  • Chapter 14 “Work Injury Recovery”  
  • Chapter 16 “The 5 Essential Habits To Great Health” ........... Food Time is TV Time?
  • Chapter 18 “Ketogenic Based Diets” .........Truth About Sugars and It's Wrecking Your Mood
  • Chapter 19 “Understanding Food Labels”  
  • Chapter 22 “Is Organic Really Organic?”  
  • Chapter 23 “Best Time to Exercise” 
  • Chapter 25-27 “Blueprints For Cardio and Weightlifting: Start From Couch Potato go to 5K”  
  • Chapter 28 “Personal Calorie Calculator Using Step By Step 3 Formulas” ......... Intermittent Fasting Varieties 
  • Chapter 31 “Cardio Interval Training”  
  • Chapter 36 "Low Back Core Exercises- Stop Recurring Back Pain Once and For All"
  • Chapter 38 "When Should I Stretch So I Get the Most Benefit and Not Injure Myself"
  • Chapter 39 "Stop Numbness In Your Arms and Legs with These Nerve Stretches"
  • Chapter 41 "Tricks To Stop Headaches"
  • Chapter 43 "Budgeting and Overspending" .......... Get a Grip on Money – The Biggest Stressor and Abuser of Our Health
This is easy readying and I understand the meaning and concept
I have always been very interested in alternative medicine. Dr. Trosclair has been my doctor and it was not doubt that when his book came out I got it. I have improved my diet, exercise, and embrace a different look at life. I have chiropractic care every two weeks, massages once a month and my mood, stress and wellness level has improved. This is easy readying and I understand the meaning and concept of chiropractic from the intellectual point of view since I’m already experiencing the physical benefits. Buy the book you will really enjoy it. 
– Sonia, Colorado 
"Look What I Got In..."
Check Out What Others Are Saying About "Today's Choices,
Tomorrow's Health"...
"So very true. ChiropracTOR's Check out this book. Great Resource For Your Patients"
"As a former Olympian my body always have injuries to heal. Dr Trosclair has an integrated way to heal with the knowledge of Chinese medicine as well as chiropractic medicine. He always has great advice and information...."
" What a Treat When You Get A Personalized Book From The Author In The Mall"
This Isn't A Normal Book, It's 4 Books In one.
1 Understanding Health in Alternative Medicine, 
2 Exercise, 3  Dieting, 4 Budgeting
On SALE Now $27 (value $67) 
Plus 4 Bonus Chapters of Needleless Acupuncture Free (Anxiety, Low Back Pain, Insomnia, Headches)
As a doctor, health advisor and fellow human, I just like You STRUGGLE with maintaining weight loss, 
So I started testing some easy ways to limit my portion SIZE… and stop feeling GUILTY over my lackluster gym performance. 
Then I started systematically testing these tactics on myself kinda “mad scientist like”  👨🔬...and after several months, I had finally found it… 
I had in essence created a wholly unique SYSTEM that allowed me to slowly REACH my cardio and weight loss goals, but doing it that became a LIFESTYLE change. 
In fact these blueprints were the KEYS to my own successful 27 pound weight loss and more importantly KEEPING it off. 
Even when the holidays roll around and I throw my own rules out the window, I know I can jump right back to my BLUEPRINTS and lose it again… quicker this time! 
You can actually get the same repeatable results QUICKER the SECOND time! 
The best part of this is that’s it’s specifically designed for people who HATE “dieting and exercising” (like me… and probably you too!)   
Show You How To Lower Carbs Without Going Crazy.  You Heard of Keto and Fasting, Now Learn What Those Mean.
Even Learn How To Lower Your Bills So You Have Money Leftover Each Month.
I am also going to GIVE you access to my PRIVATE, exclusive Facebook group which I drop VALUE BOMBS & PICS & a COMMUNITY to Encourage each other in....
"This Book Is So Amazing   😉 😄 🤭 ..."
"Time To Put The Controller Down..."
"Got One For ME and My Husband, I Didn't Want To Share..."
➡️ How I eat that Limits extra self-control …Page 45…   
➡️ Lessons learned while living in China …Page 50…   
➡️ 3 minutes of stretches that won’t bore you to tears …Page 108…   
➡️ Numbness in the arms and legs that disappears with these stretches …Page 145…   
➡️Why do I overspend so much each month …Page171…   
➡️ 14 Exercises for Optimal Core and Spine Strength …Page 103…   
➡️ My Personal Blueprint for going from Couch Potato to 5K …Page 79…   
➡️ Calorie Calculator so you don’t guess how much to eat …Page 95…   
➡️ Ways to trick your self to eat less like Plate choices …Page 48…   
➡️2 Methods to create a Budget …Page 180…   
➡️ Could sugar be a reason you have pain and weight gain …Page 61…   
➡️ What is intermittent fasting and could that be my jumpstart …Page 113…   
➡️ What can a proper functioning nervous system do for me …Page 20…   
➡️Retirement 101 Plus Detailed list of expenses …Page 220…  
This is a VERY Limited Bonus of 4 Free No Needle Acupuncture Chapters 
 - so ACT NOW!
First 10 get 2nd BONUS: 1 Hour Coaching Call
You Could Spend $$$ On The Following
Personal Trainer:  $60 per hour for 12 sessions = $660  
DVD 90 minute at home exercise:  $199 
Coach for Food Shopping: $50 per hour 
Major Commercial Weight Loss Food Plan: $360 a month for food 
Major Weight Loss Company: $440 to lose 25 pounds (food extra)  


But You Should Just Make This Small Investment In "Today's Choices Tomorrow's Health" Instead!
If All This Book Did Was:  
  •  Changed one thing in your life that lowered your blood pressure
  •  Altered how much sugar you ate so you don’t get diabetes
  •  Showed you a way to stop headaches and back pains
  •  Helped get your finances in order so you don't go deeper in debt
  •  Helps you get a good nights sleep or understand how to get headache relief
  •  Allow you to better understand why you experience pain and an option or two on what to do about it.
Would It Be Worth The Small Investment Price Of This Book?
Practical Advice - Step By Step Process -
Health Tips and Hacks, Improving  Food Choices, Research Backed Methods...
Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Dr. Justin "Gao Ming" Trosclair, DC

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

I wrote a book outlining my Blueprints of how I lost 25 pounds, went from 2 minutes to 30 minutes of cardio, started weightlifting, kept a balanced budget, learned some hacks from research, present Exercises and stretches that work, Calorie Consumption Calculator (so you know how much you Personally should eat) and Lessons- Tips- Tricks I picked up working at a hospital in China integrated with the Acupuncture department...  

I want to change your life and send you this book, right to your doorstep. Small steps filled with even one right decision each day adds up to Massive Change over a period of time.  Your Health is Just A Step Away!

So, Click the button below to get your BOOK now. I can't wait for it to arrive and you to dive in. 

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